What is Meet Edgar?

If the name itself triggers a sense of excitement in your mind, then let’s tell you the excitement is more than justified. Meet Trigger is not just another social media management tool. It’s a tool with a difference, a tool designed to help you meet, and battle, one of the biggest dilemmas of social media updating – the disappearance of an update under new updates which come up with a speed that you can’t even visualize, leave alone match.

Coupled with the fact that not everyone is checking out their social media accounts continuously, the chances of your updates getting buried, and disappearing from sight before they have been seen, are extremely high indeed.

Meet Edgar is your solution

The dilemma of disappearing updates is best addressed through the use of Meet Edgar. It helps by enabling you to re-post every single of your social media updates any number of times without having to undergo the manual process – something that other tools of this nature don’t.

And with multiple re-posts of your updates the chances of them being seen are bound to go up, which means the content you’ve created, at  a cost of course, won’t end up getting waste and is likely to reach some, if not all, of your target audience.

How it works

Meet Edgar is simplicity personified, when it comes to its operability. While it helps you schedule and track your updates like the bulk of other similar tools, there’s a key difference in the level of automation. Meet Edgar has a very high level of automation, which works through the creation of a social media update library, from where you can draw out your updates any number of times. This simply means you can post, re-post, again re-post, and so on, with the same content.

Ease of use

The simplicity of this system is manifest in its ease of use. All you need to do is follow a step-by-step process, beginning with a request for an invite, then setting up your account, followed by connecting it with your social media accounts, namely Twitter (profile), Facebook (profile, pages and groups) and Linkedin (profile and company pages).

In the next step, you simply need to add content to the library and categorize it the way you want to, as per your specific requirement. From text to image, you can add whatever you wish to post, and then schedule it for a specific time, before saving it to the library.

A shining star

Among the plethora of social media management tools available online, this one shines when it comes to the scheduling edge. There’s an in-built calendar which highlights your schedule in a simple visual format, while the controls help you schedule and view the time slot with total ease.

You can also add time slot for different social media accounts with the same simplicity, pulling updates from multiple categories if you so desire. From beginner, to intermediate to advanced, Meet Edgar providing scheduling support for all levels of users.

Gauging the efficacy

The entire social media update system would be rendered worthless if you’re not able to assess its efficacy in reaching your content to its target groups. The Edgar’s Statistics section helps you track, and thus boost, the effectiveness of your social media marketing efforts. Quite a boon for businesses, especially for small businesses, isn’t it?


With Meet Edgar in your social media life, you can be rest assured of finding means and ways of giving a push-up to your business, enabling it to succeed as it probably wouldn’t have otherwise. At least that’s what most users say. Of course you can use some additional tips to enhance your business productivity even further, one of them being Social Media Business Blueprint. With its 7-day trial offer, it’s a good way to enhance the prospects of your business success.

Using it in combination with Meet Edgar is sure to give a major fillip to your business. So log on right not to both, Meet Edgar and Social Media Success Blueprint, and prepare the blueprint for your business growth without further delay. Remember, every minute’s delay gets translated into loss for your business. And why incur losses when you can easily avoid them?

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