How to Use BuzzSumo

It pays to be intelligent, even on social media. Or should we say especially on social media? While for tens of thousands of people social media is fun, and a lot of fun and nothing more, the fact is that for start-ups and entrepreneurs, in particular, it’s a great way to promote and market your business. But how can you really go about ensuring that you’re doing it intelligently?

Can you really find a way to make your marketing efforts meaningful and impactful, or is it just a hit-and-trial game, with your efforts clicking at times and failing at others? Well, while there’s no foolproof strategy to make your social media marketing efforts work, there are certain tools that help in facilitating the task. BuzzSumo is one such tool.

How it works

The principle behind BuzzSumo is quite simple actually. As a social media user, you can employ this tool to follow influencers or add them to a Twitter list. In fact, you can message them directly too. And the influencer results can easily be export for your personal use.

It works by showing you the performance of content online, and then goes forward to split the performance metrics across multiple parameters, such as domains, topics, keywords etc. And you can use this information to create, optimize and promote your content in a better and more effective way.

Importance of BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is an excellent tool to have around when marketing your business. Not everyone, after all, can do a marketing job well. So if you need support in boosting your social media marketing campaign, BuzzSumo is what you need. It helps great content connect better with the audience. It ensures that the excellent content you’ve so painstakingly created reaches the audience as effectively as it should, and doesn’t fall by the wayside much before it connects with the audience.

Use of trending content

One way in which you can use BuzzSumo is to initiate real-time conversations using trending content. The trending tab of this tool helps in the generation of new ideas for content and then in the identification of third-party links on which you can share the content on social media, while identifying real-time marketing opportunities.

The sharing can be done across multiple platforms, ranging from Facebook to LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. What’s more, it’s extremely easy – as easy as adding a keyword, hashtag or domain to the search box.

Using the top content tab

The top content tab is another useful feature of BuzzSumo, which you can use to generate content creation and curation ideas. By simply keying in a topic, domain or keyword in the search box, you’ll end up with a list of the most shared links, which forms an excellent database for you to find what clicks or doesn’t click with the audience. You can even locate your company’s domain on the trending tab to get a complete report of your top shared content.

Identifying opportunities & targeting influencers

This is, obviously, a critical aspect of the BuzzSumo offering. It has an influencers tab which provides a list of top influencers as per the keyword or topic of your choice. For each influencer, you get data extending from page authority, domain authority, Twitter followers, retweet ratio, average retweets and reply ratio. The information will help you identify most retweeted influencers, identifying opportunities for guest posting, creating a media list, and more.

Assess the results

It’s not enough to market your content using one or more of these features of BuzzSumo. You’d need to eventually assess and measure the results of your content marketing.

BuzzSumo provides four different kinds of alerts for this purpose – keyword/brand alert, link alert, author alert and domain alert. And it goes beyond, to give you detailed content analysis reports, which can be segregated across – total shares, average shares, averaged shares by network, by content type and by content length, most shared domains, popular topics, average shares by topic and top content pieces.


Armed with such extensive knowledge, you can easily ensure that your content is better and more effective than that of your rivals. Of course there are some other aspects that need to be factored in also, which you can ascertain through a quick study of Social Media Business Blueprint. The tips this provides for making a success of your social media business are amazing, and you’d do well to at least go in for the 7-day trial period.

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