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If you’re social media savvy then there’s no way you wouldn’t know about Instagram. It’s the latest craze on social media, and one which people of all age groups are proud to flaunt, as a personal promotion as well as marketing tool. So if it you’re not already on Instagram, it’s time to check it out immediately. And if you happen to be there, then it’s time to take your experience on Instagram to the next level by learning how to schedule your posts, and do it well.

Why schedule posts

The key feature of social media posts is visibility. This means you need to be there as often as you can, which may not be an easy task considering the hundred other myriad things you’re engaged in from morning to night. That’s where scheduling of posts comes in.

Scheduling makes posting on Instagram easy and convenient, enabling you to post your content any time, anywhere, whether out on the road or in the middle of an event. After all, real-time posting, though the best option for Instagram, isn’t always possible.

Tools to schedule posts on Instagram

Fortunately, or unfortunately, there’s a multitude of tools to help you schedule your posts on Instagram. It’s fortunate because you get a wide choice and you can opt for the tool best suited for your needs. And unfortunate, however, because making an assessment and choosing the best one can be a tough proposition!

Nevertheless, since there’s a variety to select from, it’s a good idea to analyze the pros and cons of these tools and get a broad idea, at least, on the ones that you may like to go for, if not immediately then perhaps some time in the future.

Posting methodology

An interesting feature of the various posting tools available online is that while some are mobile-only, others are computer-only, with just a few options that allow for both with equal ease. Then there’s also a difference in whether you can post single or multiple images or videos with these tools. Depending on all these, and some more criteria, you’d need to home in on the one you feel is the most suitable tool for your requirements.

Comparing a few tools

Let’s get down to comparing some of the tools that you can choose from to schedule posts on Instagram. There’s the ScheduGram, which you can use to upload single or multiple photos and videos. It allows you to edit the photos once uploaded, adding effects to them and even enhancing them. Once they are ready, you can easily schedule them, managing multiple Instagram accounts at the same time.

Or you can go for Latergramme, which helps schedule posts from a browser, or alternatively by using the mobile iOS app. Please note, however, that you can only upload individual images with this tool, which also does not post the images for you – it merely schedules and organizes your posts, giving you a reminder at the time set by you.

If you’re looking for managing multiple Instagram accounts while uploading single images only, Instapult is another useful web-based tool to have around. The advantage is that it lets you edit your images and apply filters. Since it’s web-based, you can easily delete scheduled posts too.

Alternatively, you can opt for TakeOff, which is part of the JustUnfollow app. It’s quite similar to Latergramme, but unlike the latter, works on both Android and iOS platforms. TakeOff only schedules your posts, but doesn’t do the actual posting. And finally, it doesn’t apply filters or effects, though it does remind you to go to another editor and apply additional filters if you so desire.


As you can see, it all depends on your requirement and the usage frequency. So if you’re the kind who’s perpetually on your mobile phone, you can easily opt for a tool that gives you reminders only. After all, you can easily do the posting yourself, any time, anywhere.

In any case, Instagram is basically a real-time, real-life capture social media tool. So scheduling is, in a way, going to take away from its essence. Use the scheduling tools only as a back-up, but for the rest make your Instagram experience as instantaneous as possible, and get maximum return on your business. For entrepreneurs, a good starting point is Social Media Business Blueprint.

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