I’m part of Generation X, and it took me a long time to figure out that what worked for my parent’s generation (Boomer generation), wasn’t going to work for my generation. You see, they gave me a plan for career, housing, and family. It went something like this…

The Plan

  • Go to college
  • Get a job at THE BEST company you can find, and take any job they give you to get in the door. They will take care of you the rest of your career. Get that pension.
  • ​Get married
  • Buy a house
  • During that time, have the company pay for a Masters Degree
  • ​Have 2-5 kids
  • Buy a bigger house to fit all the kids. Take all that equity (profit) from the sale of the first home, apply it to the bigger house, and end up with a smaller mortgage payment.
  • Get the pension. Start again at a new company.
  • Retire at 65 with 2 pensions + Social Security + full medical coverage by Medicare
  • Downsize to a smaller house. From the equity made in selling the big house, pay all cash for that small house and have no mortgage. And most likely pocket a bunch of cash as well to buy that sports car I always wanted.
  • Make more money in retirement than I made while working. Travel the world and eat caviar everyday. 

There was nothing wrong with that plan. It worked for him! He actually ended up with 3 pensions. It worked great for many other Boomers as well. They are the wealthiest generation in American history.

What Changed

Unfortunately for many of us that came after the Boomer generation, this plan changed. Companies layoff people, teams, and entire divisions at the hint of their stock declining. Outsourcing and moving manufacturing plants overseas are in the news everyday. Pensions vanished and were replaced with 401k’s (make no mistake, a 401k is in no way equivalent to a pension. A 401k is nothing more than a savings account with some tax savings. That’s it.). Houses no longer cost $29,000, that same house now costs 10x to 100x that, depending on where you live. Social Security keeps creeping out, age 65 is out the window, it’s now 67, and everyone keeps saying it’s going to go bust any day now. Just looking at housing alone, in 1950 a house was 2.2x household annual income, today that number is 3.3. Where I live on the West Coast, it’s actually more like 10x!

Affordable housing

It’s the biggest challenge facing nearly every class in America today

  • 1950: A home was 2.2x annual household income
  • 2010: A home was 3.3x annual household income

There’s a full report on this topic written very well here

The New Plan

A new way, a new plan needs to be developed. For many, it’s still the plan to go to college, or go back to college and get that Masters degree. Make yourself more valuable to your company to make yourself lay-off-proof.

The cost of college has followed, and in many cases, exceeded the housing bubble. ​

  • 1950: College cost was 18% of annual household income
  • 2010: ​College cost was 79% of annual household income

What this means in real numbers, is that in 1950, if you paid all cash to to go college, it would have only been 18% of your annual take home pay. That’s affordable. 

In 2010, that same college degree now costs 79% of your annual household income. Today, College is practically impossible to pay for without student loans and if you’re one of the fortunate few, a grant or scholarship.

A full in-depth review can be found here

A Better Plan

Don’t rely on a job from a company for all your income. Take action to control your own financial destiny. And accomplish it with very little money investment.

With the growth of the Internet, more and more people are able to make passive income online. This is income you can make while you’re at work and while you’re sleeping. It doesn’t require you to actively clock-in to make money.  It’s perfect for those of us that need to keep that full-time job to pay the bills.

There are many ways to make money online. Many have found great success building websites or blogs and monetizing them. But it’s a lot to learn! The good thing is, it requires very little cash to get started (unlike opening a restaurant, a brick-and-mortar store, etc). There’s little risk as well, if it doesn’t work out, very little money was lost. Compare that to spending $40k for college, and then finding out you are still in the same job making the same money. Nothing has a guarantee, but you can minimize the risks of failure.

Another way people are making a great side income, and some a full-time income, is thru Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube). I was shocked when I looked up one of my daughter’s favorite characters on YouTube, DanTDM.

He Makes $15k Per Day Online

It was reported in October 2016, that DanTDM, a gamer who posts at least once a day a video, brings in about $15,000 per day! All from online revenue!

Look at his video’s. He’s got a great show, very simple, very low overhead, and it’s just amazing how much money he makes doing that show. It’s just mind blowing.

So let’s be real here. DanTDM is the exception and not the norm. He’s a phenomenal individual that has built a huge brand, and I’m sure he’s spent and still expends a lot of effort and work to produce his YouTube channel. The cool thing to understand here is, he didn’t get a college degree in YouTube and he’s making way more money than he could ever make if he was working a day job.

While you may be able to replicate the success he’s had, you need to understand that going into an online venture and expecting to make $15k/day is just setting yourself up for a big disappointment.  

Make Money ​Online

What’s been demonstrated is that money can be made thru Social Media. But don’t shoot for the starts. Set progressive goals, like:

  • Goal 1: Make $50 / month online
  • Goal 2: Make $100 / month online
  • Goal 3: Make half my take-home pay online
  • Goal 4: Equal my take home pay from online

You may be thinking, “Goal 1, make $50 / month online. That sounds like a very low target to hit”. Let me tell you, making money will be slow in the beginning. I know many folks who worked 6 months and only made $37 / month. Some quit, some kept going, and many of those that kept going ended up making $500 / month. So while $50 may sound like an easy goal to hit, I promise, once you hit that, it is a VERY BIG achievement and a sign that you are doing the right things to be successful. Heck, when you make your first $1 you need to celebrate. Making money online won’t feel real until you get that first $1.

How do you make money online? As I mentioned, the great thing about today is, there are alot of ways to make money online. One of the biggest decisions to make is which way is right for you?

Why We Built This Website

There are a lot of get rich quick schemes out there on making money online. My experience is, none of them work. I don’t know of anyone that spent $50 or $500 on a training plan or bought a system, and made a lot of money in a month with very little work. It just doesn’t exist. And any system that guarantees no risk, run away. 

We’re here to hopefully help you navigate how it’s best for you to make money online. Is it YouTube, is it Twitter, or is it Facebook. Once you pick a platform you’re comfortable with, then how exactly are you going to make that money? What training do you need to increase your chances of success?

While most of what we discuss covers alot of social media sites. Our focus will be on one platform, Facebook. It has the most followers on it, and more followers means more potential customers. Their ad revenue is unbelievable and there’s no end in sight for their success. 

Make Money On Facebook

We hope to guide you to the right resources to start your online journey. The big 3 to explore are Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. We’re big fans of Facebook as it has so much traffic and potential. Benny Hsu sells custom T-Shirts thru it and made $100k in 5 months  using Facebook. And that’s just one of many ways to make money online. 

If you don’t like the idea of “selling” or being a salesman / saleswoman, there are many other jobs or businesses to do online. Many people learn how to become a Social Media Manager. Some take those skills to companies and get a job. Some become contractors or freelancers, run their own business, and handle social media for other companies. In fact, we will focus alot of our articles on just this topic. If you learn these skills and make revenue that way, it’s so much easier to apply that to making money on your own social media sites.​

In Summary​

It will take time. It will take a little bit of investment. And it will take work. But anything new, that has the potential to make you money (ie college, an MBA, etc) will demand the same time commitment and resources from you. So don’t look at making money online as an easy way out. It will demand the same commitment. ​But it has the potential to become passive income after alot of work has been put into the business.

Like a college degree, any lessons you learn about making money online is just a start. You posses new skills, but that in and of itself won’t make you money. You need to take those skills, apply them, fail a couple of times, adjust, and keep trying. Starting with that mindset is what it takes to be successful online. 

Peace, love, and prosper!