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Social Media Marketing For Local Businesses

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Social Media Marketing for Local Businesses

Getting the word out for your small business can be hard, but it becomes much easier as you learn things that will work in your favor, and if you’re willing to put the time and effort into maintaining a proper online presence, you’ll see a lot of results without having to spend much money. Here are some of the best social media marketing techniques that you can use for your local business and how to implement them in a way that will work for you.

Things to Try

Here are some of the things you should attempt first when you’re trying to help out your business. These are tricks that have worked well for many in the past, to spread their influence and customer base.

  • Using hashtags in content. You may hate seeing hashtags, but they can really be a helpful tool. There are those out there that look at content strictly based on the hashtags that are placed in it, so you should not only use them, but it’s also a good idea to use hashtags that are trending or popular. It can really set your content apart from other sites.
  • Posting as frequently as possible. Another thing you’ll need to get the hang of is when to post and how often to do so. You may want to start off doing it a few times weekly or every other day, and see how your fans like it. If you’re getting a lot of positive feedback, you might be able to post even more often, to keep people interested. You can do the posting yourself or you can get a social media manager to help you out and keep your content fresh and engaging.
  • Posting content that is worthwhile. You can’t just post whatever type of content you want. You’ll need to post things that are polite and that people will like. It can be about your business, things that interest you and even things that are relevant to the industry you’re in. You can even post cute things from time to time, when you want to liven up the mood and be cheery.
  • Link to blog articles. A great way to have even more relevant content to post is by having a blog on your company website, where you write articles and other things. You can also outsource these articles, if you aren’t great at writing. These blog posts can come in real handy to get people on your site, and you can post links to them on your social media accounts, so that people can be directed to the great stuff on your website.
  • Have giveaways or promotions. Just like larger businesses, it’s always advantageous to have giveaways and promotions. You can give away some of your products or services to the winner, and you can also announce when you’re having special sales or other discounts on products. This will be even more helpful if you sell products exclusively online, due to the fact that these are things you’re likely to do anyway. It’s just one extra step to tell your online followers about it.
  • Team up with others like you. You may see other people with similar businesses online or companies that compliment what you sell. It’s a good idea to partner with some of these other businesses. You might want to start a group or do a promotion together; either way, with more brainpower, you should be able to come up with some ideas that can get everyone more likes and fans.
  • Always be around to answer questions or comments. One of the most important things about having an online presence is making sure you respond to your customer’s questions and comments. This means when you get messages or feedback, you need to respond to them sometimes. You don’t have to answer every single person and you don’t have to worry about all the rude comments you may get, but you should make sure that your followers know that there is a person that represents your business page. The average person wants to feel like they can trust the businesses they follow, so try to act as professional as possible each time you’re online.
  • Advertise everywhere. Since you’re already using some of the top social media sites, it’s also a good idea to advertise on some. You can look at their rates and get quotes to see what is out there, and you’ll more than likely be able to find a plan that meets your budget, even if you don’t have a lot to spare. Advertising rates are sometimes based on how many fans are brought to your page, so make sure you’re realistic when you’re thinking about your goals.
  • Write things down and adapt. Since you never know what people will like about you and your site, you should keep track of what works and what doesn’t. This will help you do more of the positive things and less of the negatives. In other words, this can help you adapt to situations and allow you to keep track of how good your business is growing. You may also want to ask your friends or colleagues for advice, so you never run out of ideas on how to make your business get more popular and succeed.


No matter what size business you have, there are solutions out there for you. We live in an age where it’s a lot easier to get your name recognized, especially when you are using social media and a professional website to spread your message and peddle your product.

There are so many great tips to follow that will get you farther than you can imagine, and it won’t take much work to get started. This includes things like engaging with fans, advertising, and even pairing up with people that have similar businesses. Keep an open mind and see how popular you can become.

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