How to Make Money by Sharing Links on Facebook

Facebook is the largest social media platform in the whole world. Having said that, there are as many as 1.2 billion users who log in on a regular basis.

While others just view these as a large group of people who would want to reconnect with old pals while establishing new connections with friends, some people see this huge population as a great market for products of different sorts.

Because of this, Facebook nowadays has also been used by many as a way of advertising whatever product it may be. As a matter of fact, one could already start to make money sharing links on Facebook. These links contain product ads from different companies who wish to boost their percentage of goods sold.

How this Works

Advertisers would do practically anything just so that the product that they wish to advertise would be made known. For this to happen, one of the realities is that people use links to lead to external pages that would pop up their ads, and in the process, hope that upon seeing these ads, the users would be enthralled to buy.

Usually, once people are made to click a link, the ads would then begin showing at the top part of the page, and users would be given the option on whether to hide the ad or not. At this point, no matter what the user decides on doing, the mission has been accomplished in a sense that advertising has already been done.

Link Sharing for Money: Sites that Allow You to Do so

While there may be several sites that pose as those that enable link-sharing, it’s important to note that not all of these are entirely legit. As a matter of fact, some sites might even possibly make your site one which is annoying because of the nature of the ads, and hence becomes counterproductive in nature as people would end up avoiding the site rather than visiting it. If you’re on the lookout for a site which allows you to make money sharing links on Facebook, then here are three of the most popular ones you could entrust your link-making needs to.

1.  LY

This site has been up and running since 2008, and therefore has been giving ad services to clients for about eight years already. It works through shortening various links or URLs. With every person or single visit to the link you have shortened through their site, they get paid. The following are advantages associated with using ADF.LY:

Clean, Safe Advertising

The ads that are posted by allow you to rest easy when it comes to the type of ads that would appear on your site. One of the reasons why this is a point of concern is simply because some ad sites would endorse products that may be inappropriate for the target audience of your page.

Social-Media Compatible

The links found in are compatible for posting on social media, which puts you at an advantage considering that these sites enable you to reach out to more people.

Maximum Money-Making Potential

Detailed statistics are given out for each link, allowing you to see greater detail regarding who’s actually visiting your site. This also allows the site to prevent users from committing fraud, or ways for them to cheat on the actual site traffic. Furthermore, one could get his or her total earnings at a mere $5, plus also pays you whenever you refer people to the site.

2.  COM

This is the second most popular out of all the sites for text links there are. This, however, works in a different way to that of, as it’s more complicated. The great thing about is that it automates the tedious processes associated with taking care of the links that lead to your site.

Having said that, allows you to both buy and sell backlinks that would effectively improve your SEO ranking and appear first on search engines, ultimately increasing the number of views to product placements. The following are more features unique to

Automated Tasks

The good thing about is the fact that a lot of its functions associated with backlink management are automated, and thus allowing you to save time. The tasks related to backlinks that are automated through are monitoring links, replacing the lost ones, as well as commission and payment.

Low Payout Requirement, Maximum Income Opportunities

The good thing about is that you would not need a minimum balance for you to get your payout. Also, the payout could be made in just three days after the text link has been sold. The site also allows you to work whoever you are, without any stringent restrictions whatsoever. Lastly, the site pays you by referring several people to your site.

Other Ad-Placement Sites

The last of the three sites is Out of all the sites mentioned above, this has got to be one of the longest-running, being in the business for about two decades already. Having said that, it works by allowing users to put banners on the site while giving you commissions for the products sold that were part of the ads you placed on your site. This is one of the most traditional means of advertising, and yet still manages to get several clients.


When it comes to sharing links to products on Facebook, one of the things you have to keep in mind is that you have to cater to a particular audience and make sure not to post too many links for you to appear annoying. This is where a lot of people go wrong, as they tend to post so many at a given time. Unbeknownst to what a lot of other people may think, this is actually an act that’s counterproductive in nature and would drive people away from your site instead of drawing more people to it.

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