How to Earn Money from Facebook Account

Facebook is one of the best social networking websites today with billions of daily users. Besides its role in connecting people, this social site has become a truly valuable advertising tool for businesses. Both small and big companies have been able to extend their client base through Facebook and successfully take their products and services across borders. Moreover, did you know that you can money from your Facebook account?

If you already have a Facebook account, then it makes sense that you should also look for ways of earning some cash. This idea is heavily promoted on the internet with numerous sits claiming to show you exactly how your social networking activity can earn you money. While all that sounds great, reality and hype are usually two very different things. Listed below are some of the proven ways in which you can earn money from Facebook account.

Getting Paid for Facebook Likes

Among the most commonly promoted strategies of making money in Facebook is the job of liking pages and posts. There are several websites online that claim people can earn real money from doing the simplest task of liking pages. This concept does makes sense to a certain level as getting likes is a great way for businesses to enhance brand awareness.

Nevertheless, if you question the idea further you will discover that there is actually a limited potential of earning money. This is because the pay per like is extremely low. For example, if you work at a rate of $0.003 per like, it would take over 300 pages for you to make $1. That means that you would still end up with significantly low earnings, regardless of the number of pages or posts you liked.

You also need to remember that in Facebook you are limited to like a page one time per profile. This will restrict your earning potential, unless you create multiple accounts. Nevertheless, most services only pay for work done from one Facebook account, which is assuming you even find a website that will actually pay you and is not a scam.

It is therefore clear that earning through Facebook likes is not really worth all the effort it demands. You are better off using a proven method like Social Media Business Blue Print  where you can earn such a significant amount that you can even quit your regular job.

Affiliate Marketing

The other common alternative of earning through Facebook is by becoming an affiliate marketer. Basically, affiliate marketing is a unique business model in which you promote products or services from other business and earn commissions for each sale that you bring in. Most retailers today will pay reasonable commissions to affiliate marketers to promote and advertise their content in order to drive more sales.

However, you must be very careful if you plan on using Facebook for affiliate marketing. The main issue is that this particular social network is not really intended to be used for affiliate marketing as you have a risk of being viewed as sharing spam content. If you do this frequently, then you could risk getting banned or even annoying your friends by trying to constantly sell them various items.

An easy way to avoid this issue is by creating a business page and legitimizing the process. First you must build an audience on your new page by posting about things you are passionate about. This includes blogs, related articles and interesting photos in that specific niche. Once you have grown your fan base, you can start sharing the affiliate links and some of your followers will buy the items you recommend.

The other option is using your Facebook page as your landing page where you collect contact details, like emails, of your targeted clients. You can then create an email list and then market the products to the interested people. You will likely need some targeted ads and a good strategy to get people to your page. This is where a proven strategy like this one Social Media Business Blue Print comes in handy for ensuring you actually succeed.

Social Media Influencers

Publishing regularly on social media and growing your fan base is an excellent way of sharing expert knowledge as well as developing your status as an influencer. Companies today are always looking for influencers who have large followings in order to partner with and promote their services or products. Obviously, the bigger your influence, including your friends and trustworthiness, the better your pay will be.

To become a social media influencer you need to master one topic within you industry. The reason this is recommended is because it will be easier to achieve the amount of knowledge required to be regarded as an expert. For instance, you can focus on one platform like Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook as well as focusing on a specific part of the industry like public relations or marketing on social media

As social media is constantly changing, you must stay updated on the latest platform changes like new analytics, algorithm changes and any new features. Additionally, ensure you are reading relevant blogs daily to gain important insights into the latest trends within your niche. You can even share the valuable content and also contribute to blogs and other websites to further solidify your position as an influencer.


There is a lot more to Facebook than simply staying in touch and communicating with your friends as you can also earn money from your account. This includes affiliate marketing and becoming a social media influencer among others. Make sure you avoid those jobs that are based on likes as they have very low earnings and most will just waste your time.

If you want to learn how to turn all that Facebook knowledge that you have gained over the years into instant, regular cash without any kind of technical knowledge, then check out this course here Social Media Business Blue Print . It is a great way to earn money from home and still get regular payments that you can rely on to sustain your lifestyle.

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