How Does Facebook Marketing Work?

With over 1.9 billion users, Facebook is the biggest social network currently in the whole world. To successfully market your products or business on Facebook, it is essential to understand how to do it correctly. Below is an explanation on how does Facebook marketing work as well as how to better target your ideal audience.

Facebook offers three unique tools for marketing, which include groups, ads and pages. Each marketing tool has a unique purpose and you can also combine all three for a wider reach to your desired audience.

1.  Facebook Pages

A Facebook Page is similar to a normal user profile, but it is specifically designed for organizations, businesses and also public figures. Once users “Like” your business page, it means that they will automatically get updates from your page when they look through their news feed. Even though user profiles usually require the presence of mutual friend relationships, pages do not have similar restrictions and can be easily liked by any interested person.


  • Free to setup
  • Easy to use


  • It is hard to build a sizeable fan base using a Facebook page

2.  Facebook Ads

Facebook has a great targeted ad platform where you can create interesting ads aimed at certain geographic areas, education levels, ages, as well as the kinds of devices being used for browsing. Additionally, Facebook also allows users to close ads that they do not want to see and also “Like” the page of the business promoting the ad.


  • The adverts have strong targeting criteria


  • The ads can become quite expensive

3.  Facebook Groups

A Facebook Group is just like a discussion forum where people interact and share ideas. You can easily create a group that is related to your product offering or industry and encourage people to join. It is a great platform of reaching out to prospective clients.


  • Groups have high engagement levels


  • Time consuming

How to Successfully Market with Pages

The simplest way of getting started with marketing on Facebook is through pages. They are quite flexible, simple to setup and also free. However, most businesses are not using them to their maximum potential while others are using them badly. Here a few crucial guidelines to enable you avoid those mistakes and successfully reach your audience. Make sure you go to Social Media Business Blue Print  for more beneficial Facebook marketing information.

Cover Image and Profile Photo

While your cover image is a bit more flexible in terms of what you can display, the profile photo must be your business logo. This will give your page a more professional look. For the cover image, it could be anything from interesting artwork to contact information. Whichever photo you decide to use, make sure it enhances the page and appeals to first time visitors.

Write a detailed “About” Section

In the “About” field below your business logo, put some detailed information about what you do, why your clients should choose you and any other unique details. As a best practice, take some time and write this section specifically for all your Facebook audience. This basically involves keeping it informal and using a friendly, casual tone.

Always post informative content

Anything you post onto your business page is going to be sent to every Facebook user who is following you on your page. So, ensure that you are posting informative and useful content. Likewise, you should not post endlessly as it will end up clogging your followers’ news feed. Some of the beneficial things to post include links to helpful articles linked to your industry, product announcements, coupon codes and also links to new blog posts on your website.

Interact with your fans

One way of inspiring customer loyalty is constantly interacting with your fans through questions and comments. You can ask an open-ended question in order to get a feel of what your audience likes or even ask for opinions on new ideas or products. This will convince your followers that you truly value them and care about their feedback and it may ultimately help you rise higher on the news feed if you get more engagement.

Targeted Ads

Since it gathers plenty of demographic data about all its users, Facebook’s advertising program has an exceptional ability to target people. You can choose to target people based on nearly anything on their profiles, and also track your effectiveness with each specific criteria. A good criterion to begin with is the location, which includes the country, state, city or zip code. From there, other demographics that you can select include relationship states, workplace, age, education and birthday among others.

The other huge advantage of using tightly-targeted Facebook ads is the fact that you can customize ads for various demographic groups. For example, if you want to target soccer fans, then you could create ads targeting fans of various soccer teams. Better-targeted advertisements on Facebook will definitely produce better results. For more information on how to create great Facebook ads and earn money from this huge social network, be sure to go to Social Media Business Blue Print .


Since Facebook is considered as a fun, relaxed social space in which people get to chat, share stories and check out videos and photos, you should avoid hard-sell strategies. This includes doing things like using generic advertising slogans and spamming the news feed with repeated posting. If you do not want your followers to leave or even give you negative feedback about your page, make sure you steer away from selling aggressively.

It will take some time to build solid relationships across Facebook, so you must be patient. Nurture all your interactions with people by sincerely engaging in conversations, providing beneficial content and also rewarding loyal customers to create positive relationships.

Additionally, take advantage of Facebook Insights and learn more information about your clients so that you customize your offers and posts to cater for their interests and needs. All these Facebook marketing tricks are featured in this comprehensive program that you can check out today, Social Media Business Blue Print .

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