Creative Social Media Posts

Who says you can’t get creative with your social media posts, notwithstanding the limitation of space, format and even the varieties that will click with your audience. In fact, some might say that given these constraints, getting creative on social media is even more imperative.

How else will you make your social media post stand out in the clutter that has come to be identified with such posts! Of course, creativity is an individual trait and the level of the same varies from person to person. So you just might be an intelligent but not a very creative person.

Well, there’s no need to be disappointed about it, because the big world wide web provides you enough platforms to get creative with. So you’ll find no dearth of creative ideas for social media posts. In fact, you might well end up being spoil for choice. Social Media Business Blueprint is one site that provides excellent ideas to get creative with your social media posts.

Use inspiring quotes

A good, inspiring quote somehow always triggers an emotional response. So look for something that’s relevant to your product/business while being appealing at a universal level.

Create special occasions

Special occasions do tend to be remembered and cherished. Just trying linking your business with a special day or moment or event, and see how it works. Perhaps you could create a special coffee day if your business relates to beverages.

Identify product USP

If your product doesn’t have anything special about it, create something. Uniqueness clicks and encourages people to buy a product, as most marketing professionals will tell you. And when it comes to social media posts, you’ll find USPs being clicked on and shared more than other things.

Make it interactive

Now we all know how interactive social media posts almost inevitably help engage with the audience. The more creative you are with this, the better for your business or product. Perhaps you can have a contest to complete the sentence or a form seeking suggestions and inputs, or perhaps a poll of some sort to make your audience connect with your product. You could also create contests requiring your audience to come up with some interesting snippets or stories that relate to your product.

Peg the content with interesting news

Yes, it requires a lot of creativity to find interesting news. News actually is no less clutter-filled than social media posts are. So find something really hot and exciting and see your post go viral with amazing speed.

Testimonials say it all

It’s one thing for you to talk about the goodness of your business or product. It’s another for customers who’ve been there do it for you. Customer testimonials are a good way of promoting your social media posts and making them garner hits. And if you can make it in the form of video testimonials, then nothing like it.

Attractive images

While we all know how useful images are as a means to draw audiences to your social media posts, and hence to your business or product, not everyone knows what wonders a great branded image can do for you. People relate to branded images and are curious to check out what the link is to your business or product. Of course you need to be careful about there being a good connection, or you’ll lose out on your audience’s trust.

Give a lot of tips

People are always looking out for good tips for virtually anything and everything – from cooking to cleaning to gardening to driving to holidaying to camping to looking after their pets, etc. It’s an endless list for you to choose from, and there’s bound to be something you can connect with your business. So give them tips and see them come back for more, apart, of course, from sharing the same.


These are just a few ways of making your social media posts creative and engaging. You can, with a little effort, probably think of many more. Even something like astrological predictions is seen to work well when it comes to connecting with social media users.

Maybe you could share some behind-the-scene story with them to make them feel special. Or maybe you could give them sneak peaks. It could simply be a case of responding to some of the audience members personally. You’ll see most of these work well to add a touch of creativity to your social media posts.

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